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Private Vehicle Services

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Paint Correction

Restored Finish

Paint Correction is an all-inclusive term for the process of removing paint defects (swirls, scratches, scuffs & oxidation). This service is offered at various levels.
I. Light: minor swirls, surface oxidation
II. Moderate: most swirls, light scratches
III. Heavy: All swirls, all oxidation, most scratches.

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Interior Care

Revived Appearance & Feel

Interior cleaning & protection is important for not only driving comfort but for personal health. Vehicles on our regular schedule are cleaned with steam, hot water extraction and various cleaners when needed. Various levels of protection are also available.
I. Standard: light UV protection for hard surfaces, light fabric protection in-between cleanings
II. Moderate: UV treatments for all hard surfaces & fabric protection.
III. High: UV & anti-wear coatings for leather & hard surfaces. Fabric protection for all carpets.

Exterior protection


Synthetic Sealants are essential for protecting paint from the day to hazards of bugs, acid rain, over spray, chemical fallout & especially Ultra-Violent rays.
I. Light: Wash & Seal lasting 2-3 months
II. Moderate: Lasting 5-6 months, requires light polishing before application
III. High: Lasting 10-12 months, requires light polishing before application

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