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Fleet Solutions

Tried, Tested, and True

Pricing varies according to each fleet & specific use. Contact us for customized plans.

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Corporate & Healthcare

These fleets have a higher purchase price and resale value than most if properly maintained. Areas of focus are:
Paint Sealant
PPF (Clear Bra)
Glass Coatings (windshield)
Wheel Protection

commercial detailing car wash

Construction & Infrastructure

These fleets endure brutal conditions, often with employee neglect. Therefore, resale value greatly diminishes after the first few years. Areas of focus are:
Ceramic Coatings (Paint)
Glass Coatings (Windshield)
Interior Protection
Fabric Treatments
Fleet Washing (properly)
Employee Discipline

oilfield truck cleaning

Oil Field & Hauling

These fleets vary greatly from truck to truck depending on the care taken by the driver. In order to keep your service looking professional, appearances are vital. Areas of focus are:
Paint Sealants
Regular Polishing
Glass Coatings (Windshield)
Fabric Treatment
Metal Sealants
Fleet Cleaning (Proper)

Contact us today for more details about the services we offer.

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