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Pricing is dependant upon time. Please contact us for day/Half day rates.


We polish away years of calcium residue & protect the finish a glass specific coating.

After coating, the calcium deposits will be reduced & cleaning with the appropriate chemicals much easier.


Gas stoves, faucets & shower heads all build up grime. For stoves specifically, ceramic coating makes clean-up after cooking much easier. in most cases a simple wet rag will take care of most messes. 


Though granite is a very durable surface, it can be damaged over time from the use of harsh cleaners. We can restore old surfaces & protect new ones with a coating. Cleaning becomes easy & the counter looks great again.


Sinks & tubs are not immune to aging. While these surfaces are harder to restore, we can help avoid the need to do so. A ceramic coating on these surfaces reduces the usual build-up gunk from your morning routine. After coating, just use water and wipe away.

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