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Getting the most for you money

One-step Paint Polishing

car dealer detailing

This service is the highlight of both Pre-Sale & Wholesale accounts. Years of damage/neglect can be reversed by this quick and cost effective measure. However, results and durability are both limited compared to our private vehicle services.

Interior Cleaning & Refreshing

steam cleaning

Odors & stains are detrimental to overall value simply because buyers do not want to sit in filth. W&W is capable of removing/reducing most stains and odors. However, fewer protective methods are used on most vehicles in order to keep cost low.

De-lettering/ De-id

tractor trailer detailing

This service is a key sales asset for former business vehicles & equipment for increased resale value. Our decal removal service is non-destructive by using a variety of methods for both new and dry-rotted materials.

Metal Polishing

metal bumper polishing

When it comes to metal surfaces, a dull appearance never catches a buyer`s attention. A quick polish can do wonders to faded stainless & chrome. For aluminum, sanding & polishing is required at various levels with cost in mind.

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