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Wings & Wheels LLC is based at 1014 Terminal Drive in Moselle, Ms.

For pilots this is better known as Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional Airport.We primarily service a radius of 150 miles but will travel further when needed.

Welcome to Wings & Wheels LLC

The Professional Polishing & Restoration Service

A Bit About Us

Just Another Detailer?

Wings & Wheels LLC is uniquely qualified to detail aircraft due to years of prior maintenance & lineman experience. As for autos we closely follow the industry leaders &  new technology to provide you to best quality work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just get a good wax? 

Firstly, there is a common misconception of a super secret wax capable of solving all paint problems & blemishes. No such product exist and any claiming to do so relies solely on deceptive marketing. We use a variety of paint protection products and each is suited to a particular situation. 

W & W will not apply wax, sealants & coatings to sub-par surfaces in need of heavy correction. This does not mean each vehicle/craft must be perfect before protection is applied, rather some surfaces MUST be polished beforehand to produce a satisfactory result.

Can I get something cheaper?

We understand both budget constraints & desired outcome affect overall service price.

For this reason we offer an AIO (ALL-IN-ONE) service combining the benefits of a polish & wax. However, with the lower price comes reduced protection durability of 1-2 Months. This option is best suited for an impending sale or once every few months.

The guy down the road can do it cheaper.

Yes, with any industry there are various levels of service & quality. For example a $1 burger is not the same as an $8 sandwich in terms of taste, quality, or satisfaction. W&W is positioned as a higher quality service than what is traditionally expected in the Car Wash & Detailing world. However, we do not look down upon or degrade other businesses for lower service offerings. We have our place in the market and other businesses have theirs.


Maintenance washing
Interior cleaning
Paint polishing
Sealants (synthetic waxes)
Window polishing
Full Exterior reconditioning


Maintenance cleaning plans
Interior protection
PPF protection (clear bra)
On-location service


Oxidation removal
Window polishing
Interior cleaning
Protective coatings

You did a great job. I'd fly all the way back just to have you do it next time she needs a bath. Thank you again!!!

My Cirrus looks new and fly few knots faster !! Good job Kent. I highly recommend Wings & Wheels LLC !! Anyone can call me for a reference!

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