The basics of brightwork. Each aircraft is different from age, use and care. The same is true with the cost and ability to restore metal surfaces on aircraft. Below are a few pictures showing

W&W LLCs capabilities from intake lips to whole aircraft.

Intake lips usually have surface, localized corrosion & staining. In almost all cases it can be restored to better than new condition. A slight bronze color will re-appear after the first flight due to the nature of the metal but the staining will be eliminated.

Turbine stacks are a whole other beast. They are often neglected and require the most time & skill to restore. Typically we are able to restore these parts to look brand new. However, on some aircraft, permanent pitting will occur on the top & bottom surface in not polished . Regardless of pitting, is it important to have to surface corrosion removed on a regular basis.

Aluminum is another mountain to climb. If you own a bare aluminum please do not neglect to have it professionally polished & treated. The aircraft pictured here has been neglected for years and is impossible to restore to a satisfactory condition as corrosion has stained all surfaces. If corrosion can be felt as a rough texture on the paint be prepared to spend a significant amount in relation to the aircraft value. Types of aircraft can not be completed in several days but rather weeks.