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Proper Aircraft Cleaning

Cleaning aircraft is much different from that of a car. Therefore, certain precautions must be taken. The following information must be applied when regularly washing the polished aircraft. If information is ignored, further damage will result to the aircraft surface.

It is recommended to pursue any combination the following options

  1. Enlist in our monthly wash program: we can guarantee thorough cleaning without damaging the paint, windows or aluminum as well as assessing the surface as the months progress.

  2. Receive our consultation/demo on proper aircraft cleaning and washing: This avoids the endless cycle of aggressive paint compounding when proper cleaning methods are not implemented.

  3. Allow us to restructure and organize proper cleaning supplies at your location for aircraft and automotives: We are not involved in the retail sale of supplies, this is simply a service of sourcing supplies along with consultation.

What not to do:

Do not use brushes: brushes do more harm than good. Brushes simply scrape dust and dirt across the paint and not up into the brush itself.

Do not use harsh soaps such a degreasers, dish soap or all purpose cleaners for your paint. Aircraft are resilient but not indestructible. All such products will not only strip the protective sealant layer but also slowly erode UV inhibitors and coloring agents from the paint over time leading to permanent damage.

Do not use a single bucket to wash your aircraft. Think of it as cleaning dishes with dirty dish water over and over. This simply puts the dirt you washed off back onto the paint, further scratching the surface.

Do not use cheap over the counter products from the local parts counter.

What to do:

Use appropriate microfiber towels only, all are not created equal or intended for the same purpose.

Use a water-less or rinse-free wash. Give us a call to set up a time for proper technique demonstration and guidance. These methods save time and provide the greatest protection for the aircraft.

Two buckets are the best method for washing, one for rinsing, the other for the wash solution.

Consult us for the proper products to use since we have already navigated the endless world of both automotive and aviation care companies. This will prevent wasting money on sub-par and hyped products.


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