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More About Coatings (In Depth)

In the last decade a new level of overall paint protection has emerged in the U.S. market. It has many names, Ceramic, Glass, Quartz, SiO2, Silicon Carbide, Nano Particle. Regardless of chemical composition, each of these “Coatings” accomplished a similar task, protect vehicle surfaces as long as possible. Low end offerings limit protection for 1 year, others extend to 7 years under warranty. As with any market there are many honest & dishonest manufacturers/resellers alike. Some companies conduct demos by setting alcohol ablaze on top of a hood in an attempt to present their product as fire, asteroid & lava proof. This trick, like many others is not special or exclusive but simply playing off the ignorance of the consumer.

Deceptive Marketing & Fraud

Before in-depth discussion, we must distinguish what coating are not. T